While the iconic Marilyn Monroe, specifically one can

While many controversies exist regarding the death of the iconic Marilyn Monroe, specifically one can be recognized world round. The theory is that John and/or Robert Kennedy were involved with her passing due to a complicated history with both brothers. Marilyn Monroe was one of the most charming and desirable stars of her time. John F. Kennedy was the current president of the United States. After Marilyn performed an unforgettable execution of “Happy Birthday” at the commander-in-chief’s 45th birthday party on May 19, 1962, rumors of an affair were launched. The public absorbed every minute of the forbidden love affair. Those rumors have persisted throughout history, even though details of an ongoing relationship between the two are actually pretty scarce (Murtaugh, 2017). Suspicion was met with answers when the secret service suddenly became involved, restricting photographs of JFK and Marilyn Monroe together. A rare photograph taken after the performance during a party at the home of movie executive Arthur Krim is reportedly the only known image of Kennedy with Monroe. According to Keya Morgan, who owns the original print, the FBI confiscated every photo he shot from that night; even the ones that weren’t developed (Berman, 2010). It is speculated, however, that their affair did not last long. JFK, being president of the USA at the time, could not have career threatening rumors flying around. For a fact, “He was very close with Jackie and he said he did not want to do anything to really hurt her and upset her” (Berman, 2010). Actress, Susan Strasberg, daughter of Lee Strasberg and close friend of Monroe, corroborated this story in her unpublished memoir. “It was O.K. to sleep with a charismatic president,” Susan said, “and Marilyn loved the secrecy and the drama of it, but Kennedy was not the kind of man she wanted to spend her life with, and she made that very clear.” (Murtaugh, 2017). After John F. Kennedy cut ties with Monroe, she found a sense of familiarity and comfort in his brother, Robert F. Kennedy, allegedly sharing an affair with him as well. Nevertheless, once Robert F. Kennedy had his amusement he also threw Monroe aside like a rag doll. In a fit of rage, she “threatened to reveal her affairs with the Kennedy brothers. Monroe was thought to be a liability, allegedly keeping records of conversations detailing highly confidential government information in a “little red book”. (“4 Conspiracy Theories about the Death of Marilyn Monroe”, 2017) There was only one solution the brothers could think of that would save their careers and personal lives; murder. Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn Monroe’s former husband, revealed in a biography, Dinner with DiMaggio: Memories of an American Hero, that “‘The whole lot of Kennedys were lady-killers,and they always got away with it. They’ll be getting away with it a hundred years from now.” (Murtaugh, 2017). In an article by a student at Almeda University they note that Detective Clemson gave a testimony stating there were numerous inconsistencies with the case. For example, the crime scene was tampered with, the investigation was not handled according to regular protocol, there was no drinking glass in Monroe’s bedroom which she could’ve used to swallow the unhealthy amount of pills and lastly when talking to other policemen, who arrived at the scene before he did, many of their stories were changed to a different version every time. A secret FBI document, uncovered by a Los Angeles-based Australian writer and director, suggests that the U. S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, was aware, and perhaps participated in, a plot to induce actress Marilyn Monroe to commit suicide, reports the Sydney Morning Herald (Mcafee, 2017). The FBI files were sealed for over forty years and shed new light on the Kennedy’s involvement and motives for Marilyn Monroe’s death. The three-page document hidden among thousands of pages of FBI documents, was obtained by Philippe Moral under the Freedom of Information Act. Received by the FBI on October 19, 1964, two years after Monroe’s death, the document was compiled by an unnamed former special agent who worked for the California government. But the true content of those documents were never revealed to the public eye and to this day no one knows where the papers have vanished. Despite the attempt for a cleaver cover-up, there were still small pieces missing to the puzzle of her death leading to believe suicide was a more probable cause.