Idea to the fore. What is it? Perhaps,

Idea like globalization changes at different speed. What once appears on
local level goes beyond it boarders to national one then acquires regional step
and eventually turns out on international or universal scale.I would presume that white nationalism is a new name and new form of old
xenophobia. When it comes to the description of white nationalists or far-right
parties on one side and white supremacists or neo-Nazis on the other, we should
be able to distinguish them in terms of their meaning and purposes. The first
ones are fighting for the racial identity, uniqueness of white people, their
purity, preservation (conservation) of bonds. They deny any equality of nations
and races and struggle against political correctness in which a program of
multiculturalism exists. However, with the advent of Donald Trump to power, the
tendency of multiculturalism adopted another direction towards recession.
Diversity means nothing but the threat. And it is no wonder that the policy of
isolation would be much welcomed. Their main aim is to separate European
ethnicity and dislodge immigrants to the territories they belong. Richard
Spencer, President of The National Policy Institute, called this act a
‘peaceful ethnic cleansing’. The latest one are quite radical in their methods
and are convinced in the superiority and dominance of white race and religion
above all others. That is the pure form of discrimination. Moreover, they are
widely supported by Ku Klux Klan, which was predominantly forceful in the early
XX century and used to exercise widespread lynching and anti-black violation. It goes without saying that both entities consist of adamant patriots.
But the means they’re using in order to implement their goals are quite
provocative and cruel and in no way reflect the ideas they try to preserve.
They are looking for ways to restore the racial consciousness that was once the
rule of mind, just as Muslim societies tried to establish their traditional
religious principles.   The meaning of democracy comes to the fore. What is it? Perhaps, it is
and has always been a power for the benefit of the majority. To be more
precise, for the benefit of the elites. After all, the European project was
entirely the initiative of ruling classes that primarily aimed on economic
cooperation through states integration. Found on anti-national identity basis,
it easily manipulated people during the XX century. However, the situation has
completely changed as the rise of nationalism was immediate. ‘White radically
doubts that European identity can ever exist outside a small circle of highly
educated and mobile elites.’ (Hubert Zimmerman) And economic failure could fuel
further nationalist, xenophobic tendencies – and even trigger military
conflict. We witness that xenophobic views are once again becoming popular, US
self-isolation, and Europe’s failure to defend the democracy under the pressure
of white nationalists are opening up a wide path for them. Like the Bolsheviks,
the current so-called nationalists seek to destroy that very system of formed
institutions that function today. One might claim that current model of European society is built on the
neglect of the rights of the citizen’s majority. That’s why many authorities
believe that if not legalize radical white forces, which I’m going to talk
about later, you can get terror from them.  Nowadays it would be appropriate
to say that most Europeans turned upside down the idea of democracy. And this
imbalance is, by and large, because of the guilt for colonial past or fascists
regimes. Many countries still repent for what they’ve done. They try to atone
for their historical faults by demonstrating tolerance, though, not noticing
obvious contradictions in reality. As a result, in the background of
hospitality they get an absolute misunderstanding between communities and
uprising of a tensions between completely diverse ethnicities. In a country like America, whose devotion to the Sacred Constitution
passed by their Founding Fathers, which gives a legitimacy to the freedom of
speech and declares it as the basis, overwhelms anything else and it is completely
difficult to imagine that freedom of speech would challenge its legitimacy. And
banning the performance of neo-Nazis to represent their views amid masses
contradicts with the principles of democracy and human rights. Even if their
beliefs display racism, fascism and ungrounded venom. So, this system is,
without any doubt, a double-edged sword.   Roughly saying, this is hilarious that for the rest of the world white
nationalists are Europeans, white race, who have much in common. However,
within its nest they are strictly divided on Germans, French, Italian, Dutch or
Swiss with different roots, language and customs. Moreover, there is still not
much social solidarity between European nations. Of course, French would feel
sorry to their fellow citizen who is less fortunate than he/she is rather than
to some Greek or Bulgarian.   In Francis Fukuyama’s research about the problems of European identity,
political scientist points out that identity is a main factor of every
successful country and it should be preserved in any case. He gives an example
of French tremendous willpower, which Europe should take lesson from, that
combined separate provinces into the one state. But the process took almost
hundred year. Another Hungarian scholar makes an accent on the Soviet Union as
the prime example of long-term integration, which was undoubtedly successful. Soviet
ideology was far more strong and noble than the previous nationalist ideas,
which are frankly speaking, based on racism and separatism, as Soviet idea has
led to the formation of the single space which still speak on the same
language. Analyzing Fukuyama’s article, it is obvious that increasing
Euroscepticism and resistance for immigration and, therefore, to
cosmopolitanism as a whole, are going to become a challenge eclipsing economic
and political issues, which by the way EU proved to be unable to cope with in
the light of recent events (Euro crises, Brexit and so on).    However, no wonder that the
policy of white nationalism has become tougher as many of the refugees who were
allowed to cross the borders of most European countries and US and moreover
were provided with sufficient amount of supply and shelter, responded with
violence committed towards innocent, especially women who were subject of
brutal rape. According to the article ‘Germany’s Migrant Rape Crisis Spirals
out of Control’ survey shows that ‘several rape crises appeared in 16 federal
states. Up to 90% of the sex crimes committed in Germany in 2014 do not appear
in the official statistics. There are strict instructions from the top not to
report offenses committed by refugees.’ So what does it happen? I believe that
such cruel German-wide phenomenon is occurring because of the 2 reasons. The
first one is country isn’t able to meet the demands of the immigrants (as they
demand houses, cars and different commodities) and the second one is connected
with incompatibility of value systems. Frequently, even blatant cases are not
publicized and the information ‘classified as confidential’, because police is
afraid to be accused for racial discrimination. But what about safety of citizens? Is this how immigrants express their
gratitude for nations who compassionately agreed to host them? If yes, then,
perhaps nationalists antagonistic spirit does make sense? However, in comparison with the U.S, crime rate is quite different.
According to the surveys of ‘The Sentencing Project’ immigrants, whether they
are legal or not, commit less crime that native citizens. Nevertheless, Mr.
Trump repeatedly mentions potential threat from undocumented immigrants, thus,
giving an impetus for a new verbal uprising of white nationalists.   Clearly, there is another side to the coin – one of white nationalists
oppression. These far-right pseudo-preachers occupied social networks, which
are used with entire lawlessness and unlike many radical Islamists don’t have
much financing of their activities. Liberal activists signal of the emergence
of the new public enemy and struggle with ‘supremacists’ by harassment,
threats, accusations up to isolation from the community, which intensify with
every new counter measure. Thus, mother of a scandalous Richard Spencer was
being persecuted by many left-wing supporters. It tells us of consequences of
direct impacts where many innocent people are involved and suffer. And this
gives a new push(impetus) for nationalists to claim that they turn into the
most oppressed minority, but do they? Perhaps people should take an example from Martin Luther King, an
outstanding human rights activist, who fought for the rights of
African-Americans and opposed any forms of racism, discrimination and
segregation. He called for equality in peaceful ways. Indeed, it took a long
time before his actions were paid off. There is no easy path in achieving
success. However, his efforts were not in vain and his main role in the reforms
of racial reconciliation lived up his struggling and expectations. Through
hardships to the stars, so to say.   However, one thing is absolutely certain – they vent anger and
malice(venom) on Muslims, Jews, black, gay and lesbian communities with even
more vigour and commitment. And the last seek for help from the government.
This is a vicious cycle which should be broken at last.  The September 11 attacks,
horrific event in France on November 13th, 2015 and many other terrorist acts
happening in Spain, Britain, Belgium and other Western countries shocked the
whole world. Unfortunately, people forget that even far more terrifying
explosions, mass murders and bloody wars, which acquire unprecedented scale are
part of the daily life of Muslims. We take it for granted and close our eyes
when another event is taking place, praying for the peace and stability in our
own country. But we should always bear in mind that they are the same people as
all of us, moreover I would consider them as the victims of dirty political
games held by those, who actually play with people’s lives without realizing
the consequences of decisions taken. So, when something happens in the Western
civilized countries, people unite, led by common sense of fear and hostility
towards anyone of Arabic origin, labeling all Muslims as a protagonists of
terroristic groups, in order to take counter-measures and eradicate any further
attempts to commit crime against non-Muslims, or to be more precise – people of
white race. Unfair, but that is the reality of the modern 21st century.
However, there should not be double standards in any way.   All these play into the hands of the white nationalists, far-right
adherents who seize for every opportunity and possibility to ensure that a
certain information is widely publicized, aggravating a situation and
exacerbating tensions between the local inhabitants and immigrants. It is a
great chance to speak up and remind them who they are, what are their routes,
to emphasize on the difference between Europeans and any other communities, on
integrity of white race they’re losing with every new immigrant and threat he
or she poses. Far-right movements attempt to poison people’s minds with the
necessary disposal of ‘unwelcome guests’, which will eventually lead to the
preservation of identity.   There is an example of so called ‘dog-whistling’ with Russian politician
Zhirinovsky who says everything which goes in controversy with Vladimir Putin’s
policy, but is actually on president’s mind. However, that can not be openly
expressed due to political reasons. The same situation happens in the West.
White supremacists speak not for the population, they perform on behalf of
their rulers. Therefore, leaders should decide for themselves whether they are
for or against the policy of far-right figures and politically motivated
violence and do not stick to the ‘golden mean’. There is no alternative
way.  In extreme times of Trump era,
rulers of democratic countries should not hide behind the masques of hypocrisy
and let others do the dirty job instead of them or under their command and
liberals would have to adhere to their stances of defenders till the end.   Usually, those who are given a platform for hate speech and agitating,
have no merit. Whether Milo Yiannopoulos considers himself actually alt-right
or not, clearly those who represent the white supremacists see what he is doing
as an opportunity for them as well. Thus, one of the todays well-known white
nationalist, supporter and organizer of the march on Charlottesville, Richard
Spencer, who recently gained a huge attention from the media and mainstream
success was inspired by Milo’s repeated public appearances. His activities and
statements goes with no parallel to white nationalists, as they appear to be
far more extremist. Richard shares his views on Twitter, which I happened to
stumble on and which found quite shocking as all his statements of this twisted
ideology are followed and supported by significant range of proponents.
Apparently, ‘Spencer’s rising prominence as an open racist whom many consider
as neo-Nazi is challenging decades of liberal views upholding free speech and
peaceful public discourse above all. This is not normal.’   That’s the main point. Supremacists’ bigoted views about forceful
displacement of non-European origin communities can face a backlash from these
minorities. Fight fire with fire. That’s what first come to mind, not peaceful
settlements or means of negotiations. The time has come to show that they are
not weak, even if once pacified nationalists started to gain momentum at even
greater speed. And punching one of the Nazi’s activist on face in response to
his support of Charlottesville event is just the beginning. The Antifascist group with the precise slogan ‘Your Silence – Is Their
Success’ protested against Spencer’s speech at University of Florida. The local
government prepared to take measures of using force if necessary as they’ve
anticipated a forthcoming confrontation that can transform into a full-fledged
bloody battle. The fact that white nationalists were treated as an impending
threat tells us that the game moved toward a new stage, that’s to say. The
world’s capacity for human suffering is endless. White nationalists are far
from awareness of global dimensions of the consequences. ‘When the KKK marched in the early 20th century, it was powerful and
influential in the South. When the white nationalists marched through
Charlottesville, they knew they would face social media backlash and
counter-protests across the country.’   Interestingly enough, all in all there are about 31 well-known white
nationalists so-called organizations who idealize Bashar Assad – the leader who
is portrayed to confront American imperialism and ‘Islamic extremism’ – and his
propaganda campaign.  Bashar Assad
intention to build up ‘healthy’ and single society  is totally identical to what white
nationalists seek to create for themselves, but in comparison with latest his
views are underpinned by actions and openly supported by many politicians,
however, also for his image of Christian defender in Syria. Not only does
Assad’s authoritarian regime is encouraged, but it is also financed by those
who benefit from his governance. In this case, we could get back to past and recall the Third Reich and
it’s vision of the future world to say that the situation in Syria is very
close to become a new totalitarian state with the similar conception. While Assad exert himself to unite all Syrian people faithful to the
national idea of revealing their own cultural potential, white nationalists are
only too happy if they get back to the homeland and leave Western countries,
inspired and persuaded by this notion.   The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from
history. Jews were blamed for the violation of the international order between
the First and Second World Wars, and nowadays it seems that the role of
perpetrator of balance shifted to Muslims. Almost all of the men in Hollywood being accused of sexual assault are
Jewish, new wave of immigrants will pose economic threat and are likely to
become a source of increased crime, a bunch of demonstrators were armed and
didn’t hesitate to thrown Molotov Cocktails and so on and so forth. White
extremists cling to every opportunity, just to pave the way for their further
acts and show people that reasons of their animosity are justified. And even if
a case doesn’t deserve special attention, they will bend over just to portray
offenders in negative way and turn a situation to their advantage.    Influence on mass-media and culture will adequately lead forward to
influence upon people’s consciousness (minds), inevitable brainwashing. Most
importantly, it should be able to convey white ethno-state message directly to
a particular range of people with political power and enormous capabilities in
different areas of life. Donald Trump was proclaimed as the racist president since his first
speech took place, where the starting point was ‘Are we a nation or not?’. Many
European leaders and especially Mr. Trump deny any involvement in the
‘counter-attacks’ committed by far-right parties, which increasingly gain not
only new supporters around the world, but also escalating number of votes in
the parliament. But, being the leaders of the strongest superpowers nowadays
and standing idly by as the violence against Muslims, Jews and other ethnic
communities unfolds on daily basis in Western countries is equated to supporting
these putative ‘identity defenders’. This makes them responsible for all the
illegal acts, which in one view are aimed to restore the integrity and
so-called purity of European people, but, in fact, are jeopardizing security
and stability of the states, blaming for that innocent people and escalating
already fragile relations between communities. It is impossible to ignore ‘hidden undertone’ of Trump’s comments where
he threatens with the possibility of cutting federal funds because of imposing
a prohibition by local authorities on right-wings to appear on public with free
speech or where he blames ‘both sides’ for the violence in Charlottesville
demonstrations. It’s like being raped and then being accused and told that it
is only your fault for provoking or tempting your culprit. ‘It’s all
enforcement-only, following the rhetoric of Trump that he used in the campaign
and continues to use, making immigrants at fault for everything, from crime to
the economy’ said Rep. Raúl Grijalva, which I totally agree with.  The perennial problem of
‘conflict of interests’ always emerges whether it is a territorial dispute or
adoption of a new law, and existence of opposition indicates that country is,
in fact, based on pluralism even if a confronting party in its general
approach, is quite radical and poses a threat to these very liberal principles.   The initial a ban (which includes a complete or partial restriction) on
Muslim’s women clothing was imposed in 2011 in France. Nowadays, the tendency
is wide spreading, as all European countries one by one adopts such
prohibition.  Thus, a new leader of
far-right alliance, foreign minister of Austria – Sebastian Kurz, whose
People’s Party won the election vote last year, is very famous for his tough
rhetoric towards Muslim migrants. Here I should mention that not only do
nationalists win majority of the votes, but they also hold public office with
great support of the citizens and this fact should alarm liberal parties. Kurz
advocated the ban on wearing veil, paranja, burka, hijab and also argued for
closing of Muslim kindergartens referring that it’s a breeding ground for
extremist ideology. Xenophobia along with isolation towards indigenous
Europeans can lead to a social explosion and the growth of impatience. Regarding the first one, it was the old demand of the right, who defend
Austrian identity and national sovereignty with slogan – ‘Islam does not belong
in Austria’. According to the expert from Center of German Studies, in European
countries Muslim clothes are perceived by many as ‘an irritating factor
pointing to the existence of parallel cultural worlds’, the world of indigenous
Europeans and the world of migrants who do not integrate into local culture and
‘behave too defiantly towards the host community that causes rejection of the
majority’. Unfortunately, that kind of measures are not efficient in order to
overcome the migration crisis that has swept Europe – it is rather the shifting
of attention from the problem in its entirety to an insignificant part. On the
contrary, it is essential to point out that such bill can lead to
radicalization of Islam and their likely response. Though, for some politicians it was an opportunity to show that handling
such kind of issue is within their capacities as Merkel’s adoption of this law
was in some way a curtesy towards far-right Germans in the run-up to the
election. Lastly, with regard to the reduction of preschool institutions, these
measures have been adopted because 25% of these entities are supported by Islam
radical groups and children are educated in segregation from European values
and even language. As a result, ‘parallel cultural worlds’ with different
values, perceptions of morality, good and evil could appear on one territory.  Such mutual rejection and misunderstanding,
which leads to xenophobic sentiments on both sides could also shortly lead to
terrorist acts.  Schools are better able to teach common understanding and shared values
if they are less homogeneous. And I am strongly convinced that inculcating
values, ideals, ethics, compassion, mutual understanding and tolerance from the
earliest years might once become a tool necessary to build more peaceful world
free from aggression and hostilities.   I would like to mention that even the UN makes an effort in reducing the
nationalist movements. Since the UN GA Resolution condemning Nazi glorification
is a crucial factor as they are concerned of white nationalist idea acquiring
an international level. Maybe in recent future UN will adopt a resolution on
prohibition of spreading a far-right ideology, and this time US will probably
speak against it once more, referring to contradictions with their

 Euroscepticism, to some extent,
can be understood. But, the fact that Europe loses its fundamental values and
embarks on the path of neo-nationalism frighten even more than terrorist acts.
And worst of all is that ideas and spirits which are spreading rapidly and
affect(influence) consciousness among the emerging youth. And after the social
split, a territorial split may come. As TRP co-founder Matthew Parrot
perceptively remarked: ‘Today in the United States, as in Yugoslavia, the
globalists lock a whole pack of dogs in one cage with a limited amount of water
and food, and then watch them fight among themselves and shout ‘Fascist!”.

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