Freedom Schools Be Allowed to Limit Students Online

Freedom is a right given to us by the grace of god. It is a privilege to be free from a tyrant government and be able to speak up against our leaders. However, this may be the case it does not mean you should abuse your right as a free American. God has given us this gift and yet we continue to pull the freedom of speech card as an excuse for doing something we as people know is wrong. Freedom of speech must be limited to keep things in order.A major point in why schools need to limit this right is on how it leads to bullying. With the technology we have today anyone can post anything or see pretty much anything online. This a major factor in bullying. The background essay Should Schools Be Allowed to Limit Students Online Speech? states that ”young people have hurt themselves because of cyberbullying and because of technology it can reach a much wider audience than ever before,” this proves that without limitation or punishment students will continue to hurt each other. If schools punish students for cyberbullying then less people would be bullied ensuring a happier and safer school community.Even teachers can get bullied. According to Document B 44.2% of British school teachers who were cyberbullied were cyberbullied by students. While this may or may not had effect or disrupted the school environment 38.6% of teacher’s self-esteem or confidence was reduced.15.9% of teachers started losing productivity or teaching effectiveness and 19.3% of teachers were affected by this in their home life. Even if it didn’t affect the school environment it still hurt people. This is another good reason on why we need to limit freedom of speech.Students must learn were the line is and how to use their 1st amendment rights correctly. If schools take steps in limiting freedom of speech than students will know how to use their civil rights later in life. If schools punish students for harassment on social media that effected another student than other students will know that the school will punish them for such an action. If we just put the training wheels on a little longer than students will know where the line is.Freedom of speech is not a toy, it is a right. Given to us by god to set an example of how the world should be. We must protect and sow children how to use this right properly. Students need guidance on how to use this right. This is why freedom of speech needs to be limited.