English lab room were autopsies were held. Mengele


English 10th


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Infamous Doctors Of The Holocaust



January 30th of 1933 many people of the Jewish Heritage got sent
away to multiple concentration camps. In these camps many experiments happened
to the ill or even the healthy by a few Infamous doctors. Some you may have
heard about others you may have not. 

                                                Dr. Joesph Mengele

Mengele was a well known doctor at Auschwitz who used his patients as
experiments. It was told that he tested around three million people. He put
some of his patients through gas rooms if his experiments failed. He starved
Jewish patients to make them suffer more gruesomely.  If his patients disobeyed he wouldn’t
hesitate to shoot them or even send them to be burnt alive. http://auschwitz.dk/Mengele.htm

Many of his
patients were twins. Mengele would cut out the twin’s eyes and place them in
their eye sockets to see if they can still see. He even took it as far to cut
limbs off the twins and sew them together. These twins were as young as five
and he would dissect them after he murdered them.  Mostly the identical twins blood would be
drawn for a further experiment and this led to death from blood loss. The twins
were led to a special lab room were autopsies were held. Mengele even tried sex
change experiments on twins following putting chemical injections in their eyes
to change eye color. (Failed terribly due to rules and laws he had to follow). http://auschwitz.dk/Mengele.htm          

Mengele was
nicknamed “The Angel Of Death” for gassing a room filled with seven hundred and
fifty women due to a rumor that they all had lice.  He drew lines on walls around five feet or
five feet two in the children’s block. Any one under the line were sent to the
gas chambers for being too short for his standards. http://auschwitz.dk/Mengele.htm

Mengele eventully
died from having a heart attack while swimming. 
His body was found a few days later.


Dr. Carl Clauberg

Another doctor of
the holocaust. Clauberg was well known for injecting chemical substances into
wombs of thousands of Jewish and Gypsey women. He did sterilize each injection,
which produced horrible pain in patients, inflamed ovaries, bursting spasms in
the stomach, burst appendix, which caused a lot of bleeding inside the
patient’s body.  www.auschwits.dk/doctors.htm

Clauberg tested on
both genders. He would shift them multiple times in many different positions
between two x rays aimed at their sexually reproductive organs. Most of these
test subjects were dead or gassed with yellow gas or any other dangerous gas
immediately due to radiation burns from which they suffered from nut still had
to work until incapable. Men’s testicles were even removed and sent to Breslau
for histopathological examination. Dr.Clauberg even tried helping infertile
women in the holocaust produce children(failed due to the fact his medicines
were causing pain and even death sometimes)


was arrested by Russian Police and was tried and sentenced for twenty five
years of imprisonment for his crimes related to sterilization experiments in
the camps. Clauberg was released in 1955 but yet re-arrested by German police,
Clauberg died before his trial began in 1957.



Dr. Herta Oberheuser

Oberheuser killed children with oil and evipan injections, then removed their
limbs and vital organs. ( These children were perfectly healthy children.) The
time from the injection to death was about three to five minutes. The patients
were fully conscious and alive until the last moment of her cruel experiments.

the Holocaust she made some of the most inflicting wounds on the subjects. In
order to help wounds of German soldiers she rubbed foreign objects together.
Some of these objects include sawdust; nail rust or any sorts of rust, slivers
of glass, dirt, and even pebbles. These objects would be inserted into each
wound the soldiers had. The total of patients she worked on was eighty-six
women, seventy-four of whom were Polish political prisoners in the camp.
 She even went as far as killing or
executing anyone who disobeyed her authority. https://dirkdeklein.net/2016/11/03/the-evil-of-herta-oberheuser/comment-page-1/

Oberheuser was the only female defendant in the Nuremberg Medical Trial, where
she was sentenced to 20 years in jail. It was later decreased to 10 years in
prison. She was released from jail in April 1952 for ‘good behavior’ and became
a family doctor in West Germany. She lost her spot in 1956, after a survivor of
the holocaust noticed her. She died in January 1978.

The evil of Herta Oberheuser

Karl Brandt

was known as Hiltler’s personal physician. He was appointed into Reich
commissioner for Sanitation and Health. Brandt was even ranked highest
authority. He was part of the euthanasia program, which involved the systematic
execution of the aged, insane, incurable ill, or deformed. He used gas or
lethal injections in nursing homes to kill them off. He did the same in
hospitals and asylums.


            Dr. Karl Brandt eventually died in
Landsberg Prison June 2nd of 


doctors of the holocaust have done so many sick treatments on Jewish or Gypsey
patients. From injecting chemical to trying to make Samarian twins out of any
twin Jews.  Some even went far as
inserting wombs with foreign objects.