When learning, an unquenchable curiosity, and a strong

          When people think about what they have inherited from their parents the first thing they think2    about is physical features, curly hair or a similar shaped nose, but I’ve inherited a lot3    more: a passion for learning, an unquenchable curiosity, and a strong work ethic, all of which4    has served me well throughout my academic career, influencing my early fascination for the    workings of the human body.6     7    My love for science is one of my many reasons for choosing this degree. I appreciate a8    challenge especially towards a rewarding objective, such as helping someone achieve their9    optimum health. Although I am aware of the hard work that can be involved in this career, I am10    also aware of the rewards, highlighted by many professionals I have spoken to on a personal11    level.12    My fondness for the sciences influenced the selection of my Leaving Certificate choices. The13    subjects of biology and chemistry have helped develop both my interest and knowledge14    surrounding the human body. Additionally, maths has provided the relevant aid to hone my15    analytical and problem-solving skills enabling me to work logically. Throughout my studies I16    have developed good time management, self-motivated study skills and the ability to perform17    under stress.18     19    I am currently in the process of finalising a placement to my local hospital which I have20    organised for spring. I expect to be able to observe the day-to-day experience of medical21    professionals and what is required, especially in ensuring that the hospital and its staff are22    working together coherently to safeguard the patients. Personally, I cannot wait for this23    opportunity as I have confidence that the insight I will receive will stretch my knowledge,24    offer me a better understanding of the experiences those in the medical field must go through25    daily and suggest what is required of me in the future.26     27    Additionally, I enjoy immersing myself in a wide range of science-related topics as I often28    crave new ways outside an academic zone to develop my scientific knowledge. I enjoy watching29    documentaries and reading the works of experienced professionals as it helps nurture my30    already blossoming fascination with the human body, and the promotion of health.31    Furthermore, I have a wide array of hobbies outside of school, allowing me to maintain a32    balanced lifestyle. These activities include baking, going to the gym, reading, swimming and33    playing the bass guitar; through these hobbies I can unwind and focus on other skills which34    are essential to establish and build character.35     36    I would like to contribute to university life by showcasing my self-motivated, reliable,37    determined and enthusiastic personality in all that I do; whether academic or recreational. I38    look forward to taking part in the vast opportunities available. I can assure you that I will39    relish the opportunity of being a hardworking and well-rounded student in your establishment.40    I hope to continue my journey into higher education in a new diverse environment, where I can41    build on my skills and apply them to this course.42    I do not necessarily want to be that individual who tries to change the world, but I would be43    wholly content if I could succeed in changing someone’s world through the advancements in44    modern-day science. I am confident that both my commitment and desire to achieve my goals will45    strengthen me throughout my journey into higher education. I believe that a degree from your46    University will enable me to begin to make the relevant steps towards fulfilling these goals47    and my pursuit into the healthcare profession.