Today different conflicts, international conflicts between countries are

Today in this modern world there are many different conflicts, international conflicts between countries are more common now than ever. But even in these difficulties Canadians are the people that lead everyone to triumph, and Canada is the nation that helps with process. Canada has always shown the qualities of a leader(i.e. Bravery, Friendship, Future Sighted), demonstrated what it means to have a huge heart, and most importantly always supported the winning side or the good side, and led them to victory. By doing each of above things, Canada has indeed made a positive impact on the international conflicts. Leadership ability were present throughout history in the great nation of Canada, even when all others have lost their hope. Being brave, striving even in the darkest moments of history. The canadian army had a important role to carry out in ww1. The 22nd April – 25th May (1915) was when ?2,000 canadians died due to the germans leaking tons of chlorine gas. From April 9th – April 12th (1917) was when Canada used the rolling barrage to capture Vimy Ridge. With over 10,500 Canadian deaths, and due to this act, as a token of gratitude Canadians received 4 victoria crosses. The battle for Ypres was one of the most tragic incidents, the canadians demonstrated their courage by not backing down from the dangerous chlorine gas that the Germans had released, when all other soldiers backed down. In the battle for Vimy Ridge, no army(british, or french) could capture it. But when Canada devised a tactic, the Creeping Barrage. They were successful in the first try, and with the least casualties. They were even awarded with 4 victoria crosses for their amazing bravery. Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, Ypres, and the Somme were battles in which Canada gained its reputation of being brave and fierce. Which are the qualities of a Leader. The best weapon was in the hands of Canada, cash and riches. A fundamental player for giving the Allies(Britain, and so forth) with a considerable measure of cash to help with the on going war effort was Canada. Through the world war 2, Canada gave britain a total amount of $3,043,000,000, excluding the food and resources. By the end of ww2 the british force was armed with 60 percent of Canadian rifles, 40 percent of the bombers were canadians, and thousands of made in Canada ships, aircrafts and cars. This shows that a great part of Canada was involved in world war 2. Also the fact that by helping a fellow Allies nation it demonstrated friendship, since it came when it’s friend the British needed it the most. Not only did Canada just lend a hand, it sacrificed that very hand, by putting a huge dent in its economy, since 3 billion dollars, and a couple thousand ships and aircrafts don’t just come out of nowhere. By doing so it showed yet another quality of a leader, friendship. Canada has always taken precautionary measures in case of an attack on it’s homeland. The Soviets were propelling their innovation at disturbing rates, and they had even surpassed USA. With the improvement of atomic bombs, the soviets were only 1-2 years behind. The people in Canada begun to make their own bomb shelters, in case there was nuclear warfare. The government had also constructed a bomb shelter Diefenbaker. The dominant tension was more involving who had the biggest supply of atomic weaponry, and not about what type of atom bomb it was. Canada was so much prepared for the future that it devised bomb shelters across the entire nation. Especially the government had an indestructible bomb shelter for the military to take refuge, called Diefenbaker incase of any danger. With the nuclear war on the edge of breaking out, Canada had the best precautionary measures to protect its people. In conclusion by doing so it has yet once again demonstrates a key quality of a leader, Future sightedness. In conclusion by being a leader Canada has indeed made another step forward to making a positive impact on the international conflicts.  The darkest chapters of history which should never be repeated were stopped, but only with the help of the Canadian soldiers. Canada has dependably offered assistance based on helpful and improvement means. The Afghanistan War started in 2001, and ended in 2014. Canada was their from the start to the point when the withdraw was called (2001-2014). It was known as the longest Canadian War. 40,000 Canadians Armed Force members(CAF’s) served for 12 years. A Canadian middle class makes an annual income of about 70,000. Meanwhile an Afghan middle class family make an annual income of $410. The question is why did Canada take part in a conflict halfway across the globe. Well, after the terrorist attack of 9/11, NATO launched an coalition. As an active member Canada had to take part, but there was another main reason which was concerning Canada. Canada being one of the wealthiest nations, it basically can’t standby while one of the poorest nations on the planet endures, and it are these inclination that shape the reason for humanitarian and development means. Being on side of good, comes with responsibility but Canada never backed down from sending reinforcements. North Korean military crossed the 38th Parallel and assaulted the Republic of Korea(South Korea), on June 25th, 1950. North Korea was held by the socialist(Communist) nation of USSR while South Korea was held by the Americans and other major countries. 27,000 Canadian military workforce served in the Korean War, alongside with 8 Canadian destroyers. To most veterans of Canada, the Korean war is also known as the “forgotten war”. Canada needed Korea to be a free and reasonable nation with a just a democratic government from a socialist one. Canada not only wanted to fight off communist dangers but also make Korea a place of freedom. In order to do this, Canada without being asked offered to lend their military power in a battle happening overseas. This truly demonstrates that Canada is aware of its duties/responsibilities and by doing so it has proven to have a big heart. Canada never backed down from accepting and welcoming new and different people. From the point when jew were placed in a network of concentration camps, to the point when the last concentration camps were closed, 1933-1945. Canada admitted a number of 5,000 jews between 1933-1947. In 1940 over 3,000 refugees among them being- 2,300 German & Austrian Jews aged between 16-60. These Jews were transported to Ontario, and Quebec. Canada like every other country thought the Jews were bad and simply cannot be trusted, due to this reason no one gave refuge to them. After they were the Jewish Question, and it was only Hitler who was brave enough to come up with the final solution. Canada didn’t support the final solution to the Jewish problem, but due to the fact that nobody was supporting Canada, it was only able to accept 5 thousand refugees. The key fact is that even in a big struggle, Canada welcomed. In conclusion this shows the welcoming nature of us Canadians, by doing so it has once again demonstrated that it has a heart of gold.Canada has played a huge part in numerous remote wars. Canada has engaged in many different wars for various reasons, and in various ways. Engaging in multiple wars at the same time, sending countless troops on different mission, on different fronts, and still managing to be on the winning side. Even in a tough situation, when one side has the better hand. Canada still manages to side with the good, and leads them to victory. The start of the Gulf War began with the invasion of Kuwait in 1990, but Canada joined the war in 1991. It was the first time that air and naval forces helped one and another in a war environment. Canadian war Ships carried out more than quarter of all the Cargo Ships. Canada also used an aircraft called the ¨Desert Cats¨. The UN defeated Saddam Hussein the Iraqi Leader who ordered the invasion. As one might already know, that the Gulf War started in 1990, but our country Canada came to the rescue in 1991. Even with a 1 year advantage, Canada manages to lead the good side to victory, by pulling the impossible, uniting ¨Air and Water¨, The airforce and the navy. In the end Canada supported the winning side, due to the fact that the UN won against the evil Hussein. As we already know Canada is an active member of the UN Security Council. Therefore in conclusion Canada was on the side of the good. Canada sometimes also had to take part in a 2-sided battle. It had to go both for and against and in that situation it is hard to achieve victory. The beginning of the Vietnam war was in 1955, but Canada from 1954 to 1975 the end of the Vietnam, took part in international truce. Canadian role was to act as negotiator between Washington and Hanoi(Vietnam). Prove Hanio? guilt and Saigon? innocence. Supplied $29 million from 1950-1975 to the South only. Only the military won, the entire Vietnam was under the communists. The Canadian? were the negotiators between the US and Vietnam, it was trying to show the definite guilt of Hanoi and the innocence of Saigon basically making the North evil and the South Vietnam good. It was a fight about the Geneva Agreements. Canada however had a stronger bend on the one side than the other, the South. Canada during the Vietnam war only showed support towards the South. In the end we won but only military wise, the North achieved it? goal which was making uniting Vietnam as one, under the communist rule. So, Canada did won. Even, when Canada is taking part in a double sided war, it still manages to win and make sure that the good win and bad lose. Always standing for what is right even when the odds are against us. The rise of WW2 was on 1939-1945. 2 Sides, Allies and Axis in Power. Canada was on the side of the Allies the winning side. 13 million German soldiers against, against 1 million Canadian soldiers. The rise of Hitler or commonly referred to as the beginning of WW2. The Nazi?, who were prepared for the war, had the upper hand against the Allies, who were surprised. Canada with 1 million soldiers, going up againsts 13 million soldiers, and still they end up winning. This clearly shows the power of the Canadians and the fact that they lead everyone to victory, and their choice is always the right choice, since the side they are in always ends up winning. As I always say East or West Canada is the best. By doing all of the below things Canada has certainly made a beneficial outcome on the global issues. By continually demonstrating the characteristics of a leader(i.e. Courage, Friendship, Future Sighted), exhibiting a tremendous heart, and continually supporting the triumphant side or the great side, and driving them to victory. In the end, all conflicts meet their solution, but it? important that Canada is nation that brings everyone to the resolution. The hand that once fed the baby that Canada was, changed definitely after each international conflict.