This gets their own vote in the UN

This article
by________________, introduces us to international law, its beginnings and when
did everyone started to take it seriously which was around the same time the
formation of the UN in 1945. What followed was formations of International
organizations and different agreements between them to help revamp the way
international law worked to address global concerns. One of the major amends
was the allowance to not only protect the “states’ rights but the induvial”
person rights as well. Till the formation of UN international law was
considered to only manage for the states alone. It took some of the horrific
measures taken by the Nazi Concentration camps during WWII for the rest of the
People at the international Helm to realize that rules are applicable for individuals
as well. And to have a law means punishing the offenders of the law which lead
to the formation of International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg to punish the
Nazis. Nuremberg was an acknowledgement that the Individual human rights cannot
be left at the mercy of the states hand.

At the end
of WWII it provoked people at the helm to make an effort in improving the
relations between all the states. And were so determined to never see another
war ever again, leading to form 4 guiding principles to maintain international
peace and develop better relations between nations. The UN with its 192 members
till 2009 maintained the common goals. Each Member gets their own vote in the
UN General Assembly hence putting everyone at the same mark. Although UN might
not have done much single handadely to avoid a WWIII, they have been able to
maintain the role of the treaties amongst the international community. The
Ottawa Treaty which bans the use of landmines, specifically antipersonnel mines
made a rule to destroy most of the mines except keeping a few for training purposes.
As of 2009 158 countries signed they treaty while 37 of them did not show their
consent in signing it. Amongst the 37 the major 4 being US, India, Russia,
China.US citing defensive needs because of the “demilitarized Zone” between
North and South Korea, While India deeming it necessary to prevent and
infiltration along the Jammu and Kashmir states. Diana, Princess of wales and
Lloyd Axworthy former Canadian Foreign minister are credited in creation of
this treaty.

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law since 1945 was described as a complex binding of pacts, trying to fill gaps
when a state government is unsure. The pacts address Various Laws of Sea, War, international
humanitarian, Trade, intellectual property, International Criminal. The pact
signed by the nation makes sure that the principles are executed properly.

As the
treaties grew the need to understanding and clarifying of the rules and
principles of the international law was felt. As sometimes the application to
some of the disputed were not clearly defined, hence in 1945 the International
court of justice was formed helping shape the law. The ICJ also refers to its
previous decisions to justify new rulings.

With the UN
and ICJ, Pact were an effective tool to bring note to concerning changes of
society. And nations were encouraged for arms control and disarmament.
Following which helped form a pact to control and limit nuclear weapons, result
of which in 2002 number of nuclear warhead to be deployed reduced drastically
between US and Russia.Following the Nuremberg humans rights violation, pact
supporters became mindful and it prompted the universal declaration of human
rights in 1948. Dozens of human rights conventions community’s commitment to
human right but still pose enforcement problems.Recent times the focus shifted
to Terrorism and war crimes, following the 9/11 incident more effective
Punishments were needed.64 Years have passed since the UN was formed, though
enforcements problem still ensue but it still 
has helped nations reached middle ground on legal issues.