The me to undertake a greater challenge in

The quadruple years of comprehensive study in
chemistry and my intense interest in science encourages me to undertake a
greater challenge in pursuing a master degree in chemistry. My ambition to be a
research scientist also makes the graduate study an absolute essential for me.
However, to me, the aspiration to fulfill determinations and the glee from findings
triumphed over any sense of hardship. It was one such
paradigm that was the reason and persuasion behind my choice to choose
CHEMISTRY as my graduate major. I
am determined to take up chemistry as my lifelong quest.

I feel strongly that my
baccalaureate education at Forman Christian College University have given me a
firm foundation in Chemistry. I received good grades during my BS. I have
managed to complete each course I enrolled in, while maintaining an overall 89%
CGPA. My current research interests have
resulted from a combination of both coursework and lab experiences.

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I explored chemistry starting with the basic lab experiments
including Synthesis of Prussian blue dye, Preparation of
witting regent, Investigation of adsorption of acetic acid from aqueous
solutions by activated charcoal, Investigation of adsorption of acetic acid
from aqueous solutions by activated charcoal, Synthesis of Oxime, Synthesis of
Rayon, Synthesis of Nylon, Preparation of Thiokol, Determination of CMC of SDS
and CTAB and effect of additive on CMC and work on lab project in which3-Acetylcoumarin
was synthesized by Knoevenagal condensation of salicylaldehyde and
ethylacetoacetate. Coumarin derivative was synthesized by reacting
3-Acetylcoumarin with bromine to obtain 3-bromoacetyl coumarin which was
further reacted with thiourea to get thiazole coumarin derivative. The
derivative was characterized by spectroscopic techniques such as UV and IR
which confirmed the product formation. Purification of the compounds was carried
out by washing and recrystallization. TLC further confirmed the reaction
completion and purity of compoundsacetate. These experiments have further
contributed to my confidence to pursue chemistry in deeper details.

In addition to
studies, on social side I actively participated during the four academic years
for Speers Chemical Society at FC College. I worked with my colleagues and
arranged different workshops and International conference. This granted me with
leadership, cooperation and ambassadorship skills. 

Studying in your Master of Chemistry program will give me
the exclusive range of experience and expertise and this will in turn give me an
incredible advantage in my Chemistry profession. The important reason for choosing your esteemed
university is that it gives astounding chances to pursue research in
different fields of chemistry. Your strong
faculty is also a significant factor.

I’m deeply fascinated about chemistry as a lifelong career
and I am strong-minded to develop myself into a well-trained chemist. Yet I am
clearly aware of the enormous efforts I will have to make in order to fulfill
this goal.

plan to proceed with my exploration work in chemistry. The fundamental
objective of my future studies is to gain important research experience and
deepen my knowledge into chemistry. At your university, I would be especially
honored by being able to study.