No how imagination and creation for human imperfection

No one appears exempt from the harsh realities of the human identity; while people search for meaning and purpose in their lives. Reflecting upon the material explored throughout the entire course;  the realization of  how many times literature, films, and artwork focus on the absurd complications of human identity and humanity. Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go has a deep passion for a society that focuses on the adventure for identity and meaning through curiosity and self-expression. The discrimination towards art can be a downfall as it boosts creativity for exposure of the mind. “We took away your art because we thought it would reveal your souls. Or to put it more finely, we did it to prove you had souls at all”  (Ishiguros).  This demonstrates how imagination and creation for human imperfection can disconnect people from the external world, often causing them to forget the present and lose themselves in the future. The past can have its complications from the downfall of the journey that is encountered through the past memory. “Memories, even your most precious ones, fade surprisingly quickly. But I don’t go along with that. The memories I value most, I don’t ever see them fading.” Memories that are created can either push you to learn and grow or create horrific flashbacks of a past life.  In Tommy, Kathy and Ruth’s situation the manipulation of living a false life has been a negative imprint that will affect them for the worse. The loss sense of a economical society is what Kathy, Tommy and Ruth will never truly understand. When Kathy, Tommy and Ruth are given opportunities to have contact with the outer society they are unsure on how to act around people that are in a proper society. When Tommy is offered the opportunity to talk to someone included in a primitive society that has a view on life in a totally different manner. Tommy does not know how to properly speak to another because one has been brought up to be silent.  “Sometimes I get so immersed in my own company, if I unexpectedly run into someone I know, it’s a bit of a shock and takes me awhile to adjust.” (Ishiguros).  In Hailsham the students that attend are taught to keep silent and they have only very limited freedoms through the encounter in life.  The students desperately hold on to a sense of individuality through their  collections of artwork, and their way of  creating beautiful and meaningful pieces. Growing up through the struggle, Kathy feels like she is only “regarded at Hailsham, how much you were liked and respected, had to do with how good you were at creating” (Ishiguro 16). This encounters that humans often try to obtain with a self-image through means of imagination in other aspects of living can shoot one further to success. The students are born to seek value in the way that they live their lives , whether that be through paintings, sculptures, or poetry that they have written. How the mind is developed in the perception of its upcoming can alture a life for good or evil. “Your life must now run the course that’s been set for it.” (Ishiguros) Although the creation of these students was for a purpose of good and evil. It is up to the students to push through the difficult childhood they were given and rise up to the true potential they obtain to become better humans.