Nerve-wrecking students to show me the movements and

Nerve-wrecking instances in sports with palms sweating and heart racing have always been a part of my childhood, for I’ve forever been an ardent believer in maintaining extracurriculars besides academic education. Just a month after getting admitted to my new school in the second semester of grade 11, I noticed our school was missing a cricket team. Later that day I approached our Vice Principal with the idea of starting a cricket team in our school and, to my surprise, he agreed. Nevertheless, I was immediately cautioned that our school hasn’t had a cricket team since the last two decades. However, I wasn’t unnerved. I have learnt to chase an idea, deal with setbacks and champion my faith. I prepared a cheatsheet. First, I announced tryouts for the last two weeks of March. Surprisingly, on the very first day, our large gym was already crowded. Ecstatic, I asked students to show me the movements and postures to bat or bowl for the sport and by the first week of April, I successfully listed fifteen students who best showed their athleticism, dedication and commitment. Next, the training commenced. The Vice Principal asked me to train the team under his supervision until we found a coach. As a team, we prepared a three hours training agenda for every Friday covering flexibility and endurance training, bowling and batting techniques, fielding practices and a one hour match. However, the biggest obstacle for us was the limited accessories and budget since we began our team in the middle of the school year.With spring came the intramurals. Although we couldn’t win the tournament, I have learned to make decisions by observing and interpreting situations on field. It helped me develop the skills and behaviour necessary to succeed in a dynamic, global workplace. Additionally, I learned to develop strategies together with my teammates to enable victory. It primed in me a leader to influence others, set pragmatic goals and solve problems efficiently to win a competitive advantage. I’ve learned that the success of the team is more important than the success of an individual and in order to achieve a common goal, we must know that working together is a necessity, not an option.