My . Indeed , this wonder is a

My first day at CIFFIP

 ” Whoever 
fears climbing mountains , will live forever among the pits “Abu Kacem
Chebbi .

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In the metaphysics , Aristotle says
that it is wonder that led the first philosophers to philosophy , Since a Man
who is puzzled thinks of himself as ignorant . Indeed ,   this wonder
is a complex emotion that  involves  among other things  elements of surprise , curiosity , and
contemplation  .This feeling of  unbounded wonder reigned over me when I first
arrived at the premises of CIFFIP . The breathtaking panoramic view of the hill
overlooking the sea felt inexhaustible as a source of inspiration . It did
breathe new life into my body and soul . It unlocked my imaginative flow and
brought endless reminiscences of my childhood that were engraved on my memory
forever .

As I was born and raised in a
mountainous  area , le kef , I somehow
felt connected to mountains  . As a
matter of fact , I have always had my eyes on mountain summits . But at the
same time I knew that when I  set my aim
too high  and I do not fulfill it , my
enthusiasm will turn to bitterness . In my pursuit of my dream , I scrambled up
the steep mountainside  and over the
rocks . My first attempts to climb   the
first mountain were fraught with fear , difficulties and risks . I failed at
times and I fell at others . Quite
ironically , these failures became my pride and joy since they gave me more incentives
to carry on  and nurtured my connection
to mountains and strengthened my resolve 
 . Driven by sheer determination
to reach the top of mountains and see what is beyond , I eventually overcame
all the odds and obstacles .  However,  after climbing the first mountain , I  created a new self  when I found   that  there are many more mountains to climb  . That particular experience induced me to
conquer my fear and triggered an unquenchable thirst  , and an unwavering passion for risk-taking ,
discovering ,  and learning new things .

The feelings I experienced in my
childhood molded and coloured my way of life . I grew up believing that ” life
is either a daring adventure or nothing at all ”  .This experience also taught me that nothing
in the world can take the place of determination and persistence because they
are omnipotent .  I firmly believe in
what Winston Churchill once said  ”  failure is not fatal , and success is not
final , it is the courage to go forward that counts”  .

 For me Mountain climbing was an exhilarating,
rewarding and life changing experience. 
It really was more than  the
panoramic views that  I saw , and  the satisfaction that I felt after
reaching  the summit,  Mountain climbing  with all the 
risk, danger, and hardship It involved gave me the power to go forward
in my
personal ,  educational and professional
life .