I our life, how do we came?, how

I am a scientist dreamer who is inspired from the little atoms and
quarks to the far galaxies and black holes… but always following my
great curiosity and desire of knowing the mysteries of our life and

After thousand of years, we are still thinking in the origin of our
life, how do we came?, how does the universe looks as it is now? It is
true that there are many theories about that, but I am really interested
in have the correct answer. Moreover, I am completely inspired in find
planets were the life could be develop, it may help us in a
overpopulation case or after we “killed” our planet, and what is more we
can found another kind of life searching those exoplanets… that would
make a new era in history and is relevant for our knowledge.
Astrobiology makes my mind motivated to go out the space and time for
the love of the life.

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In addition, I am so fascinated about every biologic manipulation: from
the highly argued genetic manipulation that could solve a lot of lives
and avoid diseases to the manipulation of molecular reactions that can
produce enormous results… from medicines and aspirin to industrial
products or nanotechnology… always obtaining a benefit for humanity,
salving lives or providing innovations that solves our necessities. A
perfect example is the manipulation of stem cells, which we can
manipulate to produce meat without killing animals, protecting the
diversity. Also, I may highlight the use of technologies in the human
organism, such as the use of prosthesis of hands in kids that were born
with abnormalities.

Moreover, in my huge passion for the smallest biology, I should mention
how curious I am for every reaction that happens in every organism,
because they could make useful or complex changes outside by the
exchange of electrons in molecules. And, what about the string theory?
If it is correct, and if we could completely understand it, that would
be the entrance for a better understanding of ourselves and what is
surrounding us… it really catches my interest.

Furthermore, I really want to understand the biological origin of our
conciousness, the work of our brain and everything related to our
mind… which makes us different in our world.

All in all, I may say that I have a huge variety of interest, being
Biology and its relationship with every science (astronomy, physics,
chemistry, engineering) the most important one… because none of my
other interest has made such an impact in myself… I always enjoy
working and searching biological topics doing what I love to do at the
same time I understand our universe. I am sure that following my
curiosity and doing science, I would make a positive change in the human
knowledge.Smiles, fascination, passion, dreams… science! Every participant being
an important reactive for these important products.

My expectations are incredibly enthusiastic, optimist and with a great
willingness to learn and share:

I expect that there we would live the experience of our life in a great
friendly and scientific atmosphere… with a passion and excitement for
biology that is completely difficult to see in another part of the world
and that we would not see in our classrooms. I also expect that we
would exchange ideas, points of view, realities and dreams… and that
would make a great positive change in ourselves: understanding more
about ourselves, knowing things that are impossible to learn in another
contexts, knowing how to work together as scientist for the benefit of
our world and the science… and opening our mind to start the way of a
better future… together for the solves and knowledges of tomorrow.

Surely, I would be fascinated for every kind of technology or lecture,
because I am not used to see those kind of advances or works in my diary
life or in my community… which is also a great motivation to enjoy
the experience as much as I can, showing my best face and making this
experience unforgettable for everyone… asking every questions that my
curiosity want to ask and keeping in touch with the people I admire.
That motivation, together to my desires of being part of this experience
that are more than the atoms over the universe, would make the school
the most exciting and interesting experience in biology possible.

I put all my hope in this school, because it would gave me the tools to
built an strong future as a scientist… being the Nobel Prize one of my
biggest aspirations… tools to also inspire the people from my humble
community and origin, from little children to experienced adults,
showing that dreams come true if you strive perseveringly to achieve the
goals of your life.

About the labs, I may say that thanks to my participation in a widely
range of scientific olympiads and contest with good results and
acquiring knowledges, I would be comfortable and doing my best in
whichever kind lab. However, I am most interested in labs where I can
work using my knowledges of physics or chemistry into biology… or
molecular ones where I can practice my microscopy skills observing
microorganism, materials, cells or whatever we can analyze. I am sure
that moved by my willingness to learn I would really enjoy
experimenting, analyzing or observing… discovering even more about the
fantastic world of biology which would put scientific dreamers together
with the best experts and experiences possible.

All in all, this school would provide me the best tools possible to be
someone who leaves his mark in the world… and I am sure that this
school would be so incredible that it would end up overcoming my
expectation if I go.