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How can we claim that we know something? There were a lot of philosophers in the history that try to define the knowledge and how we can get our ideas. They provide us a lot of arguments. In this essay, we like to know how Berkeley and Hume think about the knowledge, we will go to their arguments to find out how the God originates our ideas and the human being is kind of related to the God existence. Hume and Berkeley think about the knowledge and they believed that our knowledge came from our ideas. Also, the ideas are just the things that exist in our mind. You might ask yourself how we get our ideas. By the end of this essay, you will get your answers.

            Berkeley believes that we can reach to our ideas by our senses. By looking, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting. Then, by use of these senses, we understand the things around us. For example, by looking at an apple we will know what color the apple has? Or when someone says a table, we have an imaginary picture in our minds, so we know the specification of the table. According to Berkeley, our ideas need to be perceived in our mind. Also, he says if we don’t comprehend the things, their existences become meaningless. Basically, the world around us doesn’t exist until” we perceived it.” Then after we perceived the things, they are going to exist. For example, if I think and believe that the giants exist, they will really exist in the world. However, we know that the giants are unreal, but because I only believed and perceived them, they are going to exist. My mother, she knew that I believed in the giants, therefore, when she wanted to afraid me used the giant worlds. I think we have to be careful of our perceptions and beliefs. Besides of the mind, there are some other things that help us in the perception such as soul and matter. Spirit is part of the humans that help them to understand better. The other thing that helps us to perceive id the matter that Hume has a broad explanation on that. According to Berkeley matter exists but they can’t originate our ideas. Our ideas divide into two categories “strong and weak ideas.” Strong ideas are the ideas that”a perceiver need to have it” and weak ideas are the “images of the strong ideas.” Then Berkeley concludes that “substance can’t produce our ideas.” How gives us our ideas is God. For example, if we live in a room, then we leave the room, how the room looks the same. Berkeley says we leaving the room, but God is looking at our rooms. Base on that we will understand that the world works on the God’s perception. At least, he says that all of our existence comes from the God.

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            Then we have to look at the Hume’s argument. His argument totally brought us a new idea about the world. He says the ideas that we have in our mind, they don’t come from our senses. The ideas and the feelings are the two different things. Also, he mentions that our ideas come from our experiences. Then he brought us some example that helps us to understand better. He says how we can talk about the things that don’t exist because we have the knowledge of those things and we can make an imaginary picture of them.  He also believes in the God. However, we believe in god, so we can say because we have some perception of the God, but Hume says God is separate from our ideas. After that Hume talks about the matter of the fact. Matter and facts give us an” experimental reasoning.” And he says how we can predict the future? According to Hume, we can predict the future based on our experiences in the past. We can’t be sure of the cause and effect after we saw and experiences it.