Domino’s their online ordering system. This system is

Domino’s Inc. is an
American pizza restaurant chain founded in 1960. The corporation is
headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan,
United States. Domino’s currently has nearly 9,000
corporate franchised stores. Domino’s pizza served mainly pizza, pasta, chicken
wings, breadsticks, cinnastix and a variety of beverages.


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2003, Domino’s Pizza created the official website and online ordering facility
which reported that 37.4 percent rise in quarterly profit helped by higher
demand in the United States and more revenue from franchisees. For ordering to
take place, people normally use computers to access into website and place an
order. It allows customer to register and uphold an account at the Domino’s
Pizza website in order to make frequent ordering convenient. A consumer will
browse from menu and select delivery or pick-up/carryout. Payments could be
made via credit card or cash.


Online ordering is easy and convenient yet they have more to
improve on their online ordering system. This
system is also flexible in a way that customers are able to place online orders
quickly with just a click comparing to the tradition where orders were taken
through the phone. More time and cost will be saved ordering online as phone
bill is charged. The system was used intended to meet the requirements of all
of the clients.


Domino’s Pizza maintains physical,
electronic and procedural safeguards to help guard Personally Identifiable
Information. After placing an online
order via the Domino’s website or application, you will be provided with the
opportunity to use PayPal for payment which is 100% safe.


Online ordering provides additional customer service such as
delivery to the destination that they have requested for.

Customers can view the menu and special offers via website through
online which save a lot of time and effort. They can decide to complete their
orders within seconds.

The system records customer’s orders when purchasing has
taken place. There are no time limits for them to complete their orders.

Online ordering records and stores past
records of orders made and allows the customers to view them anytime during
their online ordering session. These records will store at the database.


One of the disadvantage is that customer has to pay online for
the shipping. The shipment fee charged is one of the reasons that customers
would not like to order goods online and does not guarantee that the pizza
delivered will be fresh.

 Online connectivity
issues are another disadvantage for online ordering. The customers add items in
online shopping cart, enter information and press submit. The confirmation
screen might time out when the internet has
an unstable connection. The online customers would not know whether the order
has been made or not while reloading the page may cause several billing or
several orders.


Group Holding Ltd is a Chinese e-commerce, retail and technology corporation
founded in 1999 that provides services via web
portals as well as electronic payment services, shopping search engines etc.
It also owns and operates a diverse array of businesses around the world in
numerous sectors. Its online sales and profits surpassed all US retailers
including Walmart, Amazon and eBay.


In 2005, Alibaba announced the official launch of
its AliPay online escrow system. The payment system provides buyers and sellers
with a complete solution that resolves the issue of trust in online
transactions while providing an efficient platform for transacting online. Also
the issue of trust between buyers and sellers in a business environment where
personal relationships and cash based transactions has served as the
traditional means of securing and settling a deal. AliPay is designed to
overcome these hurdles with a model specific to needs.


design their website for customers and small & medium size businesses
around the world. As a bridge between consumers and business they integrate end
users needs with business requirements. Through creative solutions they provide
end users useful, usable and desirable ecommerce platform with good brand


conduct a transaction using AliPay, a buyer first sends his payment to an
AliPay account. Once the buyer indicates that the product has been received,
the money is transferred from AliPay to the seller. With Alibaba’s full
guarantee for each AliPay transaction buyers and sellers may transact online
with confidence. The rating systems for members provide buyers and sellers a
comprehensive way to evaluate business partners, build relationships and
transact online.


The number one benefit of using is you have instant access to a countless number of global
suppliers who sell just about any product known to man and you can normally find
low wholesale pricing. 

 Alibaba has online payment system. The system is
very secure which is created and operated by Alibaba itself.  AliPay
records a large amount of all online transactions worldwide.

Banks with big ATM network tend to get a
large share of depositors as well. Banks offering Internet banking such
as UnionBank, BDO, BPI, Metrobank among others allowed them to tap
a customer base that was unreachable for them before. Online banking has also
evolved allowing deposits to pay their bills and transfer funds to 3rd parties

Use experience will create significant
value for both buyers and merchants in the longer term.


The investors
will not own shares directly in Alibaba due to Chinese laws forbidding
foreigners from owning Chinese Internet companies. Instead, they will invest in
a Cayman Islands holding company known as Alibaba Group Holding which has
contractual rights to profits from the Chinese businesses. Another problem is
shipping time. Since the products will come from a faraway country shipping
will take time and this does not discount the fact that there may even be some
fees for import and customs clearance.

Alibaba’s shift
to mobile and commitment to improving user experience will lower the revenue
growth rate in the near term.