Clear you must remove your aligners to eat

Clear Braces


At Evesham Place Dental Practice we offer
Invisalign and ClearCorrect clear brace systems.


Invisalign and ClearCorrect move your teeth
by progressing through a series of clear, almost invisible braces (known as
‘aligners’)which you wear for approximately 22 hours per day. The major benefit
to the clear brace systems over the metal ‘train track’ braces, are that you
can take them out to enjoy your food and can properly clean your teeth.


Each clear brace or aligner has its own
built in prescription to move your teeth and is changed to a new aligner
approximately every 1 to 2 weeks.


If you are interested in finding out more
about our clear brace systems, please contact reception and request an
orthodontic consultation with Katharine. During the consultation, Katharine
will listen to your concerns regarding the position of your teeth, assess your
suitability for the clear brace systems and discuss your potential treatment in
full. She will also show you examples of the clear braces. This appointment is
followed up by a written estimate and details discussed during the


Before you decide to commence treatment,
both Invisalign and ClearCorrect provide a computersied 3D animated treatment
plan showing your teeth before, during and after treatment. This is a highly
useful and interactive tool which allows you and Katharine to plan and control
your treatment and desired end results very carefully before you start.






1. Does it hurt?!


It is normal to expect a bit of discomfort
when commencing treatment and upon changing on to a new aligner for a day or
so. This gets less noticeable as you progress through your aligners.


2. Do I have to remove the aligners to eat
and drink?


You’re able to drink cool water with your
aligners in, otherwise you must remove your aligners to eat and drink.


3. How long does treatment last?


This can vary a great deal depending on the
simplicity or complexity of your case. Minor tooth movements can be achieved
within 3 months but most cases take approximately 9 months.


4. What stages are involved in getting


We begin with a consultation as detailed
above. Should you choose to go ahead, the second stage is for record taking
where Katharine will take impressions and photographs of your upper and lower
teeth. Invisalign or ClearCorrect can them provide us with a 3D animated
treatment plan showing us the end result and how we can expect your teeth to
move. We can interact with this treatment plan and make any necessary changes.

Once we are happy with the plan we will request that your bespoke aligners are
manufactured. Manufacturing your aligners usually takes place within 1-2 weeks.

The following appointment is to fit your first aligner and provide you with
detailed verbal and written instructions.


5. How often do I need to visit the dentist
once I’ve started?


Katharine would normally see you
approximately every 4-6 weeks, or more frequently if you prefer, to check your
aligners fit well, provide you with new aligners and ensure your teeth are
moving as predicted and your mouth is remaining healthy.