Big advantage to help others.The fathers of confederation

Big Bear/Poundmaker Louis RielChinese/RailwaygWomenThere were a lot of opportunities during the time of Confederation. Opportunities is when you get the chance to do something whether you choose to do it or not. Without having opportunities Confederation would not have succeeded if there weren’t opportunities and even if there were opportunities there would have to be people like Big Bear or Louis Riel to step up and take the advantage of those chances. Several groups had opportunities during Confederation to help others and those specific people took the opportunity they had as an advantage to help others.The fathers of confederation created two levels of government: federal and provincial.The old Province of Canada was split into two new provinces: Ontario and Quebec, which, together with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, formed the new country called the Dominion of Canada. Each province would elect its own legislature and have control of areas such as education and health. All the colonies confederated because there could be more opportunities like jobs or even rights for women.The British parliament passed the British North America Act in 1867. The Dominion of Canada was officially born on July, 1867 or now what we proudly call Canada. July 1 was celebrated as “Dominion Day” to commemorate the day Canada became one or in political words became a self governing government. The British parliament passed the BNA act because they had enough proof from the fathers of confederation that if they passed the BNA act then something useful would happen.   In 1867, Sir John Alexander Macdonald became the first prime minister of Canada. His supreme accomplishment was Confederation. He was late coming to this idea but his partner George Etienne Cartier had the political skill to make confederation come to reality. He was truly a founding father bringing upper and lower Canada in union. After becoming the prime minister of Canada, Macdonald had a dream to make the Canadian Pacific Railway which was formed to physically unite Canada and Canadians from coast and coast. To make Macdonald’s dream come true, 15,000 chinese workers helped to make the Canadian Pacific Railway. The chinese workers were paid low amount of money to the amount of work they did even though they could have just worked back in their homeland but no they decided to come to Canada and help our country out.They were given risky jobs and over 600 chinese workers died during the construction of the railroad.They still took the opportunity to develop our country Canada.  At the end, not even one chinese worker got invited to the opening and celebration of the railroad. To work in those harsh conditions with little pay and your life at risk takes a lot of courage and strength especially considering their pay.There were a lot of conflicts, agreements and decisions to be made by the colonies such as P.E.I not wanting to confederate as they were scared of not getting a voice in governing the country as well as the issue of rep by pop but if they did unite then in future years if Great Britain wanted to invade Canada then all of Canada would be ready as one team. The Charlottetown Conference was held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island for representatives from the colonies of British North America to discuss Canadian Confederation. The conference took place between September 1 through 7, 1864. Confederation was great for businessmen as they would grow and help the economy. At the same time normal people especially from smaller provinces did not see a point in it and feared not getting a voice in the bigger government decisions. But when they saw the expansion of Rupert’s land smaller colonies decided to join in.  At first the only colonies that were ready to confederate were Ontario,Quebec,Nova Scotia and New Brunswick but after Canada bought Rupert’s land from the Hudson’s Bay Company, 40% of present day Canada was in Rupert’s land. Rupert’s land was full of farmers and hunters, many of them being Metis, occupying a corner of Rupert’s land leaving Metis to fear for their culture and land rights because Canada was about to take it away from them. As soon as the Metis found out about Canada trying to take away their land they had an opportunity to save their land from being taken away. The Metis mounted a rebellion named the Red River Rebellion and declared to the government to negotiate the terms for entering Confederation which led to the creation of Manitoba with the help of the Metis leader Louis Riel.Louis Riel stood up for the metis rights showing spirit for the country. Louis Riel was considered a negative influence from the government but a positive influence from the metis because he stood up for their rights,culture, and land. Metis land titles were guaranteed 607,000 hectares reserved for the children of the Metis families. They succeeded with their one time opportunity with the help of Louis Riel and they also formed a new Canadian province.Another way our country had opportunities was when Emily Stove an activist standing up for women’s rights to be recognized and women having a right to a vote or a say in the country. She was also the first female doctor in Canada and the second licensed physician in Canada. Women were not even allowed any other jobs except all the household work they had to do. They held several protests and did not give up which resulted in our country giving women more rights to women and especially voting rights. This opportunity was outstanding to women particularly taking what was happening before confederation into consideration.The first nations also got affected by this but they stood up for their rights. The first nations understood they had to stand up for themselves and fought with spirit and courage both in violent ways and negotiations but the railroad was continued. Chief Big bear and Chief PoundMaker showed a lot of courage for the country and their people in different ways. They both stood up for the first nation lands and stopping the railroad but Chief Big Bear tried to limit violence in their encounters with the officers and the government while Chief PoundMaker went for violence instead of negotiations. Their courage and care for their land gave first nations a peaceful a quiet place to live. Chief Big bear and Chief PoundMaker had the opportunity to make their land their land. They took advantage of that opportunity and implemented it to help their group out.