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Basic Information:What is your minecraft username? My MC username is MadGramps.How old are you? I am currently 14 years of age.What is your time zone? I live on the west side of Canada, in British Columbia, therefore my time zone is PST (Pacific Standard Time) or UTC-8:00What language(s) can you speak? I can speak fluently in both French and English.What is your Discord username? My discord name is MadGramps#8586Are you staff on any other servers or have you been staff on any other servers? I am currently staff on only one server, it ranges from 400-600 players online at once, I can PM proof if needed. Other than that, I have quite a bit of experience on smaller servers. I have been Helper, Mod, Head-Mod, Admin, Co-Owner, Owner, Builder, Developer, Manager and Head of Staff (HOS) on many different Minecraft servers. They were all relatively small (the biggest having around 10 players online at once) but I have learned quite a bit throughout my experiences.Crucial Information:Why do YOU want to become staff on the server?  I have decided to apply for staff because I would like to help improve the community and help out with moderating the network to make the server as friendly as possible, so that every player can enjoy their time here. Overall, I enjoy helping people and that’s the main reason I am applying. Another key reason I have decided to apply for staff is to help the server become as best as it can be. Having been staff on many small servers in the past, I have learnt the main way to grow the server and make it more popular is to create a safe and fun environment for everyone, I know that I will be able to do so.What rank are you applying for? I would like to eventually work my way up to HOS (Head of Staff) as I feel that is the right position for me. I get that I may have to start out as a Helper and work my way up the staff ranks and I agree to do so.Have you gotten any Infractions on the Server? I have not received any punishments on the server and I do not plan to in the future.Why would we choose you instead of choosing someone else that applies? I believe that you should choose me over other applicants because I possess a lot of very important traits when it comes to staffing. I would say the main three traits are organization, kindness and leadership. I’ve also listed some of the traits I possess below:Team Work – As a staff member you need to be able to work with other staff members/players. I am very good at communication and I’m also a very likeable person which make me easier to talk to. That is very important as a staff member because you need to be able to talk with everyone.Helpfulness – Having quite a bit of experience being staff means that I’ve had quite a bit of experience with helping players out. If it’s answering a question, resolving an issue in-game or with another player or even just helping someone by giving them a bit of in game money, always try my best to help out as much as I can as best as I can.Kindness – As a staff member players often look up to you as a role model. If players look up to you and you aren’t always being as nice as you can or you get frustrated and do something you aren’t supposed to do, they will often start to dislike you/the server or they will follow in your footsteps and do something they aren’t supposed to.Leadership – I’ve been playing on sports teams for basically all my life, I am quite good at a few. That being said I have been captain of my team quite a few times and have had to learn the responsibility of being a leader. The main things I learnt about being a leader are how to handle different situations properly and being nice to everyone.Dedication – As a staff member you always need to try your best to get on as much as possible. If you aren’t dedicated to a server you won’t be online as much as you can. For me, when I join a server I like I always play on the server until it either shuts down or something happens. An example would be all the servers I have been staff on. I played on those servers until eventually the owners quit or sold the server. Two more examples would be WoodyCraft and ChaosPvP, I played on both of these servers constantly for over a year, I applied for staff on both but was rejected. I continued playing on these servers after being rejected because of dedication.Hard Work – Whenever I am dedicated to something, I always work hard on it, whether it be school work or being staff on a Minecraft server. When it comes to Minecraft I always try my hardest to help anyone in need, if I can’t help them I will try and get help from a higher staff member. I won’t give up until I am able to help them, which is also dedication. Organization – When it comes to owning or managing a server, you need to be organized. An unorganized owner will never be successful. I am always organized with everything I do, I also have OCD which means I want everything to look/be perfect all the time. Situational Question:There are numerous players on and you’re the only staff member on at the moment. There are two hackers in which are BHOPPING and 4 players are spamming/reporting you to ban them. Meanwhile there are players excessively cursing due to the hackers which are against the rules. How would you resolve this situation? I would first ban the hackers so that they were removed from the network and so that everyone would calm down a bit. I would then proceed to kindly ask the players to stop spamming me, and finally I would deal with any players who may have broken any chat violations during that time frame while always gathering evidence. I would do all of this calmly and not lose my temper as that would only make the situation worse.Is there anything else you would like us to know? I just want to thank you for reading my application. I know that I probably won’t get HOS right away and if it’s not possible then I can understand.-Gramps