Autism diagnosed with Autism, which is more common

Autism is incredibly misunderstood. Autism is not a death sentence. Autism is not a life of despair. And yes, people diagnosed with autism spectrum can be smarter than you and I. People can be quick to judge, but who are they to judge someone who can’t help the way they were made? There is nothing inherently “wrong” with autistic people. They are perfect in their own way, and deserve respect and acceptance because they are just like everyone else. Their brains may be wired differently, but that does not mean they should be mistreated. 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with Autism, which is more common than the average person may think. Speculations of the causes of autism range from the adverse side effects of vaccines to the ethnic group a person belongs to. Whatever the cause is, it’s our duty as a society to make sure they are not overlooked. There are three types of autism: Autistic Disorder aka “classic autism”, Asperger Syndrome, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder aka “atypical autism. People diagnosed with autism may do things such as: getting upset with minor changes, flapping their hands, rocking their bodies, repeating words or phrases, saying things at inappropriate times, and having peculiar reactions to the way things their five senses detect. Some non-autistic people tend to have an adverse response to observing or encountering an autistic person.They may laugh at them, mock them, or even abuse them, and that is what I want to stop. They may trick them into doing things they want to do. They may do things like steal money from them, use them as bait in an illegal act, and even things so horrible such as sexual abuse. I want to end the mistreatment of autistic people. I want people to regard them as something as more than just a person they can take advantage of. My sister has Autism. She is going to need my assistance and protection for the rest of her life. A leader has to take care of someone with Autism. It is my job to lead my sister in the right direction. If I am not a leader and an advocate for her, then not only would I be letting her down, I’ll let my mom down, and I’ll let myself down. A leader must take initiative and must be able to handle tough situations even if they may be time-consuming and challenging. Not only do I have to be an advocate for her but for every other autistic person. They deserve a voice that will thoroughly show every aspect of their existence. By being accepted into UCA’s Schleder Honors College, I will learn how to master my leadership abilities. I will be able to successfully start an organization that goes around schools and professional environments that speak about how to have reverence for people with autism. I will be able to effectively collaborate with people who are oblivious to dealing with autistic people and in turn , help guide the world to become a place where autistic people can live amazing lives without judgement and mistreatment from everyone else.