An time to rehearse songs or set lists

An artist manager is someone who looks after the career of
an artist taking the pressure off them so they have more time to rehearse songs
or set lists an artist manager runs business affairs for the certain artist or
group their job is secure the best work for their clients and for the best fee
the job includes: Negotiating contracts and fees, Finding and booking events
and venues. They also help give advice to Artists they can also help with
advertisement also which record producers to work with and what songs to
perform on They will also attend the performer’s gigs in the evenings. An
Artist managers also talks to and deals with record company negotiations they
will also handle the press and TV enquiries and are always working on raising
the public profile of the artist they deal with meetings, Studio bookings, and
public appearances.


The skills needed to be an artist manager are you have to
have a high level of negotiations and have to have an understanding on how to
deliver against established objectives. Bee able to manage and engage with a
huge number of contacts within the manager’s own professional networks. You
also would have to be happy to work for over 20 hours a day often being shouted
at by record company executives and by the talent themselves. 

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The most common way for an artist manager to start is by
them taking over the career of friends there are other ways for an artist
manager to start out another way is by gaining a junior job in a record company
then eventually climbing their way up the ladder to manager you can also get a
degree in music management and get a job as an artist managers assistant in an
artist manager company.


How much an artist manager can get paid is dependent on the
work they secure if it was a big gig then the manager can keep a certain
percentage of the overall fee. They also get a percentage of what the band
makes from selling their recordings and also from the merchandise that they
sell. Usually between 20 and 25% of the bands total earnings will go to the
artist manager it’s all down the what they agree and what it says on the
contract that they have signed. 


Who do you interact
with when doing this?

Venue owners an
artist manager will contact venue owners to get their band/artist to play in
the certain venue they would do this either face to face or over the phone.

Booking agents Booking
Agents will contact the artist manager when they have a venue and the artist
manager will confirm or disagree to the venue also the artist manager could
contact the booking agent with the days he has free and ask the booking agents
if they could get something on one of those free days.  

The Press artist
managers would contact the press about setting up an interview with the
artist/band for a newspaper or a website this would help to raise the public

The artist/the band the
artist manager would need to stay in contact with the band/artist to let them
know what happening and to keep them updated with any venues/gigs they have or
any public appearances they might have arranged they are always in contact with
their clients.  

Record producers artist
managers would interact with record
producers about trying get the band or artists song produced properly so it’s
fit for release

Record companies Artist
managers would negotiate with record companies to try to get the best possible
record deal for their clients.  

TV producers this
is similar to the press artist managers would contact TV producers set up TV
interviews or to arrange to go on talk shows.

Radio DJs an
artist manager would talk to radio DJs about trying to get the band or artists
song on the radio.

Pluggers artist
managers would send Pluggers to go and try to get the band/artist on the radio
for interviews.

Music industry
lawyers an artist manager would get a good lawyer to check through the
contract to make sure everything is good this is especially good with record
label contracts  


Basically anyone involved in the music business