Abstract mediums. We will explore the spread of


Both researchers and
practitioners have been applying agent-based modeling and simulation across
range of disciplines. Political science, social sciences, biology, ecology,
business, computer simulation, economic science, military studies and policy
are examples of these disciplines. Through fast and exhaustive research and
development, application and knowledge of ABMS endure to enlarge and assembled.

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Rumor is unproven statement or
interpretation spread and have very strong impact on humans life. Spread of
rumor can have multiple negative effects. Rumors are as old as human history but
it has emerged with the rise of internet. There are many damaging effects that
emerge in past decades as rate of spreading misinformation has significantly
increased with the increase of technologies. The spread of rumor is more and
faster in these days than ever before. Since rumor spreading has harmful effect
as it can intend panic and anxiety, there is need to control the spread of fake
information. A rumor is spread through the individuals or through some mediums.
We will explore the spread of rumor from individuals to individuals. There is
strategy to randomly choose some individuals and let them know the rumor is not


Rumor is unproved and unconfirmed
information which is spread among public and it is hard to determine whether it
is true or false. In most cases rumor is false news. The rumor spread is
growing rapidly with the growth of internet technologies. The spread of false
information and rumors poses growing risks to society and the economy. There are
studies from theoretical as well as empirical point of view that are focused on
price and market selection due to the spread of rumor. In other domains like sociology,
psychology, and policy management domain, researches about rumors are mainly
focused mainly on the effect of rumors on management and policymaking to reduce
anxiety and damage.

 If rumor is false it may cause real threat to the
individuals or institutions. It has influence on perception and understandings
of   events. It can harm economy and it
may invoke fear as well. Scholars have established the rumor spread models to
look for rumor spread law.  The first rumor-spread
mathematical model was proposed by Daley and Kendall in 1965, called DK model 1.
In this model, he divided the public in three categories the one were who do
not know the rumor, people who know and spread the rumor, and people who know
the rumor but do not transmit it. There was thought by Maki and Thompson 2
that when a spreader meets another only first one stops propagating. These
rumor models laid foundations for follow up studies.

 A realistic model will have
major theoretical and practical significance. A rumor spreads among individuals.
There are two methods proposed to control rumor at present. One is by changing
network topology of rumor spread and other is by external strategies.

In this model the rumor model is
modified and strategy is to random select the individuals to tell them about
the falsity of rumor so that they are not affected by rumor and provide a
method to suppress the spread of harms of rumor.




The objective is to control the
rumor by suppression of inconvenient rumors. Suppressing rumor is an attempt to
control the thoughts of individuals. It is manipulation of communication
content so that desired perspectives will be formed.


In rumor model the individual is
in centered among eight neighbors. The individuals who know the rumor is
spreading it by telling one of his neighbor. The simulation keeps track of the
number of people who know the rumor.

In this paper we modified the rumor model to minimize
the rumor spread a strategy is used that randomly select individuals such that
these individuals do not believe on rumor. These individuals suppress rumor by
targeting their neighbors which are affected by rumor. They selectively choose
a few neighboring individuals and let them know the truth of the rumor.