A sled-like contraption. Their epic journey includes walking

                                    A guy  15 years old from Texas, Gabe Rogers wanted to see his dad which is in Northwest territories, and his friend, Raymond also wanna go with him. So they decided to take a plane ride that crashes in the desolate mountains of Canada. There pilot dies and they are in the forest with Johnny Raven. In this novel we will learn that teenagers can be stronger and smarter if they will want.  So now Gabe and Raymond left with Johnny Raven Native person he doesn’t speaks English well, Raymonds great-uncle. Johnny trying to teach them what he know a lot of things such as rudimentary survival skills, then he finds for them an old cabinn in which to hole up. Johnny Ravin dies, Johnny’s last words that he told to boys was  “Take care of the land, take care of yourself, take care of each other.” These words makes Gabe and Raymond be stronger. So now they are dependent only on each other.  Johnny died and they are alone, so they need food to survive, to find food they have to hunt. The food that they were eating was bannock, porcupine, tea, moose and beaver. So they had to hunt animals which was really dangerous for them. When Gabe and Raymond took down the moose after they return to cabin with moose meat, Gabe realize that the bear stole most of their meat and the bear is coming back for more. After fighting with bear, both boys suffer injuries. Now Raymond and Gabe trying to find way out of the forest. They got to  Raymond’s village with Gabe pulling Raymond along on a sled-like contraption. Their epic journey includes walking 100 miles through the winter wilderness, and near the end, they encounter an ice bridge they simply must cross if they are to continue on. As miracle  somehow manage to cross it and finish the journey. In conclusion, this novel gave me lesson that person that is not that strong or not that smart, can do more if he needs to, for example when Johnny death Gabe and his friend didn’t had any experience but they tried to survive and that had to otherwise to would death .